It’s time for another trailer-inspired Sunday Revival: on this occasion, a Black Sabbath track taken from the trailer for the new 300 film (which, incidentally, looks totally bad-ass and, yes, which I’ve somehow only just seen).

I can’t say I’ve ever given Ozzy Osbourne’s ex-outfit a proper listen before (except, of course, by way of “Paranoid” – one of the only riffs I can play on the guitar). Turns out they’re pretty damn good.

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The Saturday Six

Hypnotized – ‘Ghostwalk’

Premiered on Clash back in February, this hazy offering from Brighton three-piece Hypnotized is infused with fuzzy, psychedelic sounds.

These sounds are perfectly complemented in a piece of abstract artistic beauty – namely, a video that works across several different media from painting and digital art to glitch and collage. Artist Eva Bowan creates captivating surreal worlds and electronic soundscapes in this introspective audio-visual journey that manifests itself as a mixture of hidden fantasies and the observation of nature.

With a 5-track EP set for release on March 24th, these guys are firmly on my radar.

White Fang – ‘Talkin’ To Gary On The Corner’

“Talkin’ to Gary On A Corner” is so lo-fi that it could almost be mistaken for just poor quality recording. Deep, distorted vocals manifest themselves in melting harmonies that sound both distant (perhaps the song is really a conversation meant for Gary’s ears only) and strangely comforting. Calling to mind the hazy, sun-drenched afternoon of a Californian desert scape, these Portland punks have hit the nail right on the head with this treasure of a track.

Spark – ‘Vain (Stripped)’

I’m a bit on the fence with Walthamstow-born singer Spark. Branded as an authentic voice of British songwriting, her sound is almost too sickly sweet and poppy for me – but there’s something that draws me back to this track, taken from her new EP First. There’s a catchiness to the chorus that had me singing along on first listen, and there’s almost a tinge of Imogen Heap-esque harmonies here that I think must have charmed me.

Liam Finn – ‘Snug As Fuck’

Premiered recently on Noisey, ‘Snug As Fuck’ is an unabashedly titled track from wonky pop artist Liam Finn. The first track to emerge from his upcoming release The Nihilist (on which he plays a staggering 67 instruments) this is a tune that is both mellow and mature – like a good wine and cheese combination.

The SAME – ‘Chasing the Light’

I’m loving the laidback, summery vibes of this gorgeous, percussive-heavy tune from South African producer The Same. Released back in February, “Chasing The Light” has already whacked up a whopping 240,000+ listens on SoundCloud. Let’s help it along some more.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Californication’ (Gamper and Dadoni Remix)

I love a good remix, and this one’s a new favourite from Hamburg-based house producers Gamper and Dadoni. Brimming with funky riffs and chilled electronic vibes, they’ve given the track a sincere make-over that enhances rather than overdoes the original.

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Bonus Hidden Secret! – ‘Shoes’

Bonus Hidden Secret! make a quirky brand of alt-rock/indie-soul/wonky hip-hop that’s hitting all the right buttons.

With a slightly uncomfortable, laughable yet oddly cool accompanying video, “Shoes” showcases the vocal work of Marcia Hay-Garden and eponymous record label owner Shetland Ryder in a track that is nostalgic, uplifting and groove-inducing. I love it.

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Poeticat – ’3rd Arm’

I’m strangely drawn to this genre-defying track from unique London/Lisbon/Basildon outfit Poeticat. Fuelled by the refreshing spoken-word shouts of Catherine Martindale, accompanied by retro riffs and incredibly infectious melodies, this is 6 and a half minutes of energetic, multi-faceted, seriously powerful stuff.

The accompanying video is below.

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Eliza Shaddad – ‘When We’

I caught Sudanese-Scottish singer-songwriter Eliza Shaddad supporting the lovely Dustin Tebbutt at The Servants Jazz Quarters last week, and was thoroughly impressed by her intimate brand of cynical folk.

One of her last times playing solo, with future shows planned with the backing of a full band, Eliza was utterly engrossing in her candle-lit performance. Playing a range of music, both old and new (including this beauty, along with the newer “Brackets“), she’s got an EP in the pipeline, and I can’t wait to hear it.

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